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Why Engineering?

Becoming a professional engineer is a highly rewarding career. Professional engineers can be highly paid with generous salaries and benefits. As well as an attractive salary, you can enjoy a flexible career with the options to be office based, production based, self employed or travel the world on projects There is much scope for a professional engineer to develop. You can transfer your skills to different sectors and with the correct qualifications; career progression into management is also achievable.

Engineering is bigger than the UK Retail, Wholesale, Financial and Insurance sectors combined.

The engineering sector supports 55% of all UK employment.

Engineering  produces the majority of UK exports.

Engineering employs 5.53 million people and 2/3rds are practising Engineers and Technicians

Professional Engineering is short of graduates because, recently,  there have been fewer students taking STEM subjects at high school that enable them to follow a professional engineering career.

Job opportunities are therefore high – engineering is within the top 5 “In Demand” sectors for permanent jobs in 2015 as there is a 43% skills shortage in science, engineering and research.

Job prospects exceed those of other graduates :-
67% of engineering graduates are in full time jobs within 6 months with only 7.3% unemployed. (Compared to average 58% job success across all graduates)(Eng UK 2016 Report)

Most unfilled vacancies were in IT and telecoms where 12% remained unfilled in 2014.