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IESIS and Primary Engineer

IESIS seeks to:

Primary Engineer addresses these issues through a variety of programmes. Primary Engineer’s vision is that children, both girls and boys, will aspire to become designers and makers from a very early age. The engineers of the future. Children involved in the Primary Engineer Programmes will learn about engineering through practical maths and science applied to technology based problems and engineering careers through working with engineers.

If you wish to inspire the next generation with your engineering experience and enthusiasm, please consider supporting Primary Engineer. Primary Engineer and IESIS have common goals and therefore supporting Primary Engineer is a very worthy activity for IESIS and IESIS members.

Support projects at a school

Engineers can offer to support schools in a variety of ways by helping teachers and pupils with Primary Engineer projects, Secondary Engineer, and the Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award.

Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award 2013

The Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award challenges pupils across Scotland to research and interview inspiring engineers to interpret the question – ‘If you could be an engineer in Scotland – what would you do?’ Pupils are asked to illustrate and annotate their response (primary pupils – 100 words and secondary pupils 350 words). The award is a superb opportunity for students to engage with real engineers, research engineering both past and present in Scotland via both the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame and Scottish Engineering Award winning companies. Students are required to interview engineers who will give a unique insight into engineering careers and their significance in the wider world.

Primary Engineer asks that engineers support the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award by firstly registering with Primary Engineer, creating a child friendly version of your CV to be forwarded to the school prior to being interviewed so that the students can formulate questions.

An exhibition of selected entries will be held at the Barony Hall on the 28th-30th March with winning entry presentations made on the 28th March by Dr Alasdair Allan Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages.

primary engineer awards

Primary Engineer

The Primary Engineer programme uses a STEM by stealth approach to teach practical Mathematics, Science and Literacy through design and technology projects. The projects are aimed at whole classes throughout primary schools, mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence, and designed to inspire and enthuse. Engineers can choose to attend teacher training days, and/or visit the schools to be the expert in the room – the Wow factor. Teachers have access to interactive teaching and paper-based resources, and regional and national competitions. Engineers and teachers both have access to a virtual learning environment.

Engineers are needed to support schools with Primary Engineer projects and IESIS members are welcome to attend training sessions and make links with local Primary Schools.
If you wish to inspire the next generation with your engineering experiences and enthusiasm, this is what you can do:


Firms can provide sponsorship for Primary Engineer, please contact us via or