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Career and Management Progression

Opportunities for progression into engineering and company management, because of the chartered engineers' academic and numerate background, will continue to present themselves as their career develops.

Major Engineering design and management companies want accountants and lawyers "On tap but not on top". Understanding of project finance, cost reporting and forecasting techniques is essential for the management of major high cost projects and acquisition of these skills becomes necessary for advancement in project and company management.


Post graduate MBA's (Master of Business Administration) are encouraged by the engineering profession with several Scottish Universities including Glasgow and the Strathclyde University Business School offering among the best. You can give an engineer a good grasp of accountancy but you will never make an accountant an engineer and employers recognise this.

The majority of the board members of any major engineering company will comprise professional engineers so the opportunities are there!

Once progressed into senior engineering management in the competitive free market the sky is the limit for salaries.