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STEM career talks at schools  -  arranged by IESIS

The links below are to flyers for IESIS sponsored schools talks. 
These indicate the variety of well-paid and exciting careers available to students who study STEM subjects.

Frazer Mackay A career in professional engineering 2013

Roma Agrawal The Shard Lecture The design of an iconic building  2015

Daniel Jubb Rocket engineering 2015

Jim Bown, Natalie Coull and Matt Bett   Engineering Video Games and Beyond 2015

Abbie Hutty    Is there life on Mars? 2016

Ian Callum    A talk from the World's top car designer  2017

Howie Firth    Science - the road to dreams and passion   2017

Sandy Cochran and Hannah Gibson   Considering a career in Electronics/Biomedical Engineering?  2018

Karen Meyer and Adam Sampson    Considering a career in Computer Games or Ethical Hacking? 2019

Patrick Prosser  Algorithms - Whats that then? 2019

Steve Lee   Considering a career in space engineering? 2019